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Global Mentorship Program Doubles its Resources in 30 Countries

February 2016 – A newly revamped Global Mentorship Program for professional Spa Managers commenced in the New Year fueled by the momentum created by its year-long pilot program that took place in 2015.   The program features mentorship opportunities of six months in duration, and pairs highly experienced Spa Directors from around the world with Spa Managers in the Spring of their careers for the purpose of guiding and inspiring junior managers’ professional career growth.

Inaugural Session of Wellness Industry’s First Global Mentoring Project Completed, Second Session Mentees Announced, Applications Open for 2016

April 2015, It’s a busy time for the Global Mentorship Pilot Program, the global spa and wellness industry’s first mentorship initiative that launched in January. The inaugural session just wrapped up, with the list of second-session participants announced this week. Mentors and mentees for the second session, which runs April through June, bring the total number of countries represented so far to 22: Aruba, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Fiji, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Portugal, Qatar, Saint-Barthélemy (French West Indies), Spain, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

Inaugural Session for Wellness Industry’s Global Mentoring Program Spans Five Continents, 12 Countries, and Six Types of Spas

February 2015, The global spa and wellness industry has made career wellbeing part of its mantra with the launch of the first-ever global mentoring project. The Global Mentorship Pilot Program, spearheaded by a team of spa and wellness experts from around the world, kicked off with 17 seasoned spa directors serving as mentors to spa managers in the spring of their careers looking for guidance and inspiration.

Spa Industry Mentorship, Internship and Education Intiatives to be Unveiled

August 2014, When the third annual Spa Education Forum meets at the Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Marrakesh, Morocco on September 10, a much needed spa management mentorship program, and new spa internship and career resources, will be unveiled.

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