The Global Mentorship Program (GMP), an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute, is the first international program connecting seasoned Spa, Wellness & Hospitality executives with our industry’s future leaders. Designed to provide personalized guidance on specific skill set needs, mentors and mentees are paired together to advance the professional qualification gaps in our growing industry.


The GMP was created in 2012 as one of the early Initiatives of the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) to address the growing need for qualified and experienced leaders in the Spa, Wellness & Hospitability industry.


According to the research provided by GWI growth projections for the Spa industry indicate that there will be an estimated 2.8 million persons employed by spas in 2018 (1 million in Asia-Pacific; 950,000 in Europe & 540,000 in North America). An additional 400,000 trained spa therapists and 70,000 experienced Spa managers/directors will be needed by the industry in 2020.