Mentorship Reflections

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in order to inspire you in your professional path and in your daily operatiions, Mentors & Mentees share with you timeless best practices & pearls of wisdom from their mentorship experience, especially in Leadership, Financial Planning, and Retail.

This collective work of over 90 pages, provides you with an overview of the discussions between Mentors and Mentees, detailed action items that were implemented by the Spa Managers (Mentees), and the results of those actions.

Using these detailed experiences and several questionnaires, the Global Mentorship Program found that,

  • 97% of Mentees believe they are better leaders due to their Mentorship
  • Mentees reflected ‘Great Improvement’ in Leadership & Management (69%) and Priority Management (55%)
  • Mentees personally expressed an increase in confidence due to being able to confide in their Mentor and having someone to ‘bounce’ their ideas off of
  • 86% of Mentees felt ‘Absolutely’ more motivated at work and 79% ‘Absolutely’ felt more productive at work due to their Mentorship
  • Mentors reflected that the top areas discussed were:
    • Leadership & Management
    • Strategic & Business Planning
    • Human Resources
    • Priority Management